ATEX consulting

Who are we?

ATEX CONSULTING works in the field of explosion risks wherever flammable gases/vapours and dusts mixtures are present.

In relation with our sister company ALSATEC, we offer an exhaustive range of protection devices: Tank storage safety equipment, explosion decoupling and isolation systems, explosion discharge and suppression systems, process inerting devices, flame arresters, safety valves, HVAC protection and isolation systems.

Today, we complete our offer by proposing through ATEX CONSULTING the Design and the engineering of the complete explosion protection means and strategy necessary to meet the regulatory requirements related to the presence of explosive atmosphere.

We carry out:
• The specific study of protective devices adapted to industrial processes.
• Alignment with national and local regulatory requirements.
• The recommendation of suitable technical solutions.
• State of the Art solution according to existing and future Standards
• Optimization and control of the costs of the proposed means.

Supplier of explosion protection equipment for 30 years, we do have the experience to provide you a safe environment and to make you benefit from the best expertise through our team.

Because we are participating as experts in the development of regulations and standards in the field of explosion risks and process safety, we are able to help you anticipate technical and regulatory developments and to optimize the safety and protection of your facilities. We can assist you in setting your own material specifications in the highest and best way for your specific process. ATEX CONSULTING can offer general or tailor-made training according to your needs and expectations on explosion phenomena, explosion protection equipment, their recommendations, their specificities, their uses as well as the standard and regulatory aspects related to them.


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