Floating cover

Reduce evaporation of products to limit loss and rejections of odours and the formation of explosible atmosphere

The ERIS system is a floating cover composed of independent floaters. The independence of the floaters ensure the perfect adaptability of the screen to the internal geometry of the tank (ovality of tanks, deformed surfaces of tank sides, complex geometries of lagoons, square basins etc.) whatever the level of the liquid and the presence of structural components is (pillars, gauging and instrumentation, filling hose, etc.).

  • The use of independent floaters instead of using welded covers facilitates the tanks operation and optimizes the systems efficiency.

The design of the lenticular floaters (biomimetic approach based on green water lenses covering ponds called Lemna Minor) allows themselves to adapt to the geometry of the equipped tank. Minimum installations and maintenance costs. Floaters can be easily and softly introduced into the tank through the manhole and only required fittings of protection grids to protect emptying pumps.

  • ERIS independent floaters reduce the costs of the floating cover erection as well as the downtime for maintenance on the tank.
Since evaporation phenomena are directly dependent of the area of the liquid-surface and gaseous interface, the design of the floaters has been optimized to avoid the formation of gaps between them. The Evaporation reduction efficiency of ERIS floaters is close to 98% (Efficiency estimated in collaboration with the kinetics/thermodynamics research Centre of ENSIC in France).

  • The reduction of evaporation losses improve storages profitability, preservation of natural resources and helps to avoid release of toxics and pollutants gases into the atmosphere.
Since the floating cover system is made of independent floaters that only relies on the forces of gravity and Archimedes’ pressure, maintenance operations are not necessary as there are no risks of jamming or submerging of the cover.

  • Innovation allows maintenance operations to be reduced to a minimum.
Specifically developed for the O&G, Petrochemical and natural gas industries, ERIS floaters are made of a patent formulated composite material allowing compliance with ATEX regulations and guarantee the absence of chemical inertia. In contrary, traditional metallic floating covers, can cause sparks and other source of ignition due to induced shocks created by strong agitation of the liquid when filling and emptying the tank.

  • A new material for a new concept.
ERIS floats are covered by 2 patents and specific know-how for their industrialization.