Mr. Alain BUCHER is Chairman of ISO comity TC67/SC6/WG12 -Pressure relieving and depressuring systems.
Mr Alain BUCHER is a member of the CLATEX (Liaison Committee for ATEX equipment), IMO SEE (International Maritime Organization), AFNOR S66A (Standardization Committee for Explosive Atmospheres), UNM 716 (French Committee for Industrial Fans), BNPE M16 & M30 (Committee for storage tanks, systems and equipment for the O&G industry).

He is also a member of the CEN TC305 WG3 (Explosion protection systems), CEN TC305 WG2 (Equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres), CEN TC305 WG6 / ISO TC31/SC 31M (flame arrestors).

Mr. Alain BUCHER is Project leader for ISO 28300 – Venting of Atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks, ISO 23 251 – Pressure relieving and depressuring systems, ISO 4201 – Flame arresters, EN 15 281 – Inerting guidance

He also participates as a standards expert in more then hundred standards over the last 15 years. Among them ISO EN 16 852 ‘’Flame arresters’’ - CEN TR 16 793 ‘’Use of flame arresters’’ - IMO Msc/Circ.677 ‘’Device to prevent passage of flame in cargo tanks and tankers’’ - EN 14 373 ‘’Explosion suppression system’’ - EN 14 986 ‘’Fans used in explosive atmosphere’’ - EN 15 089 ‘’Explosion isolation system’’ - EN 16 447 ‘’Explosion isolation flap valve’’, ISO IEC 80079-41 Reciprocating internal Combustion Engines used in Explosive Atmosphere, Etc.

Mr Alain Bucher is also a speaker at SERFA and ENSCMU as part of training courses on risk in the chemical industry.

ISO IECEx 80079-41 "Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines used in Explosive Atmospheres"

Standard handled by the IEC TC31 / SC31M commission This standard deals with internal combustion engines (mainly diesel and gas engines) without any limitation of size or power that can be found, even accidentally, in an explosive atmosphere.

They are stationary engines or engines mounted on mobile machines.

The aim is to equip these engines to prevent them from igniting the explosive atmosphere that may be in the vicinity. Revision of this standard is related to the BP Deep Water Horizon platform accident in the Gulf of Mexico.

Alain Bucher is in charge of the TG4 which deals with the definition and qualification of flame arresters to be installed at the intake and exhaust of these engines. Specific problems related to the nature of the gases, the intake pressure and the exhaust temperature require special attention from this equipment.

In addition, the ISO 16 852 standard on flame arresters excludes these applications for engines, hence the need for this standard to adopt this technology.

Alain Bucher is also present on the TG6 for the use of gas analysers for engine safety and in the TG5 for the risk study related to the use of engines in explosive atmospheres.

ISO_15364 – Pressure/vaccum valves for cargo tanks

ATEX Directives
Alain Bucher member of:

- CLATEX (ATEX Liaison Committee to the Ministry of the Environment)
- IMO (International Maritime Organization)
- The French delegation of the IMO - MSC Circ/677 Standards for the design, testing and locating of devices to prevent the passage of flame into cargo tanks in tankers