Explosion isolation valves

Stop the propagation of explosions in pipelines carrying flammable gases

Guillotine Kammerer

Ultra-fast acting knife valves

Ultra-fast acting knife valves are pilot-operated devices for isolating pipelines carrying flammable gases, vapours or dusts when an explosion is detected (pressure sensing or IR detection).

We can offer ultra-fast and pyrotechnical triggered knife valves actuated by gas generators or by compressed air (compressed air capacity supplied with the factory’s air network). Valves closing time is of few tens of milliseconds.

These valves can be equipped with a pneumatic open/close system. Position switch will indicate valve position at any time. We guarantee an unlimited operation of the valve in ultra-fast mode without risk of damaging the knife or the shock absorbers (Due to the high inertias, some valves on the market need to be reconditioned after firing and parts changed).

Our valves are available in various versions and materials. We can propose different option or tailor-made equipment’s to fulfil specific industry requirements. From standard applications to specific use with highest requirements of heavy industries, Nuclear, food or pharmaceutical process. The valve can be featured with in line decontamination systems or gas barrier device to avoid migration of products inside the valve, etc.

We have a complete range of ATEX Certified valves from DN50 to DN500. Many companies in the field of chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, agri-food, etc. use our equipment in their facilities today.